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The animals in question belong to a large group of snakes called Psammophiinae , that can be found from the Cape of Good of Hope all the way to Uzbekistan. While widespread and abundant, the taxonomy classification of this group remains unresolved, a result of the striking similarity of the snakes within this group. Genetics, thus, plays a crucial role in the delineation of cryptic animals as it allows scientists to peer beneath the scales, at the genetic code, uncovering differences invisible to the naked eye. Psammophylax, a genus of Psammophiinae restricted to Africa, plays host to six species, two of which can be found in South Africa, and one in Makhanda. Our research represents the most comprehensive study of the genus to date, incorporating not only genetics, but head and scale structure analysis as well. The result was one new species and one new genus.

Snake found slit open and another cut up at beauty spot

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Researchers have unearthed the fossil remains of four snakes that are 70 million years older than the oldest snake previously discovered. The finds rewrite what scientists know about the creatures, showing that they were slithering alongside pterodactyls and other dinosaurs as early as million years ago. Not only do his findings offer clues on how these reptiles may have evolved, they also reveal that the snakes of the dinosaur age probably didn’t look all that different than their modern-day relatives.

Though dating from million to million years ago, the fossilized skulls, jaws, ribs and teeth share many features seen in today’s snakes, such as the flexible jaws and sharply-angled, backward-pointing teeth which are instrumental in helping them devour their prey. They also have features found in lizards such as its vertebrae. Caldwell said he was surprised snakes had changed so little over such a long period of time and that they were still so clearly “identifiable Normally you would expect to dig up something that shared traits with modern animals, but looked different, perhaps more like some sort of chimera of two familiar beasts, he said.

You wouldn’t be looking for a modern duck in the middle of the Cretaceous. The oldest of the fossils the diminutive Eophis underwoodi came from southern England. The largest, Portugalophis lignites, came from coal deposits in Portugal, and was a much bigger individual at nearly a meter or more in length. Around million years ago, the locations in England and Portugal were swampy coastal areas on large island chains in the Jurassic seaway that covered most of what is now Western and Central Europe.

The one North American species identified, Diablophis gilmorei, was found in river deposits in Western Colorado. The locations offer evidence that the snakes came from a marine environment. Yep, it’s very possible.

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Sunday was a HIIT session.

Woombye Snakes SC Gympie United FC live score (and video online live stream​) starts on 5 Aug at Start date:

Prepare to resume your literary adventures in the Hunger Games world. Nearly a decade after the dystopian novels debuted, author Suzanne Collins has shared details for an upcoming Hunger Games prequel. The appearance also featured the unveiling of a cover, which includes a golden mocking jay and a snake set against an evergreen backdrop. The novel is scheduled to arrive on May 19, According to a press release, the prequel begins on the morning of the 10th Hunger Games, which is set 64 years before the original Hunger Games novel took place.

Although this is well in advance of Katniss Everdeen’s arrival, the novel will explore some of the events that led to future Hunger Games. With the addition of a new Hunger Games title, there is now hope for another movie, Entertainment Weekly noted. Nothing is confirmed, but Lionsgate, the studio behind the film franchise, has said it’s a possibility, Entertainment Weekly reports. Let us slide into your DMs. Sign up for the Teen Vogue daily email. Want more from Teen Vogue?

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hoop snake

The single was picked up by Mad Decent , a Los Angeles-based record label run by Diplo , and released in February Grigahcine was born to a French father and an Algerian mother in Paris , France and grew up in Ermont , a banlieue district outside Paris , which he describes as a ghetto. In his youth, Grigahcine produced graffiti art, earning him the moniker “Snake” because he was able to consistently evade the police. In , he met his manager Steve Goncalves, who encouraged Grigahcine to begin creating his own music.

This earned him a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year in February

A ROCK snake made by people of all ages in a Flintshire town may be given a permanent home, it has been said.

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Metrics details. The highly derived morphology and astounding diversity of snakes has long inspired debate regarding the ecological and evolutionary origin of both the snake total-group Pan-Serpentes and crown snakes Serpentes. Although speculation abounds on the ecology, behavior, and provenance of the earliest snakes, a rigorous, clade-wide analysis of snake origins has yet to be attempted, in part due to a dearth of adequate paleontological data on early stem snakes.

Here, we present the first comprehensive analytical reconstruction of the ancestor of crown snakes and the ancestor of the snake total-group, as inferred using multiple methods of ancestral state reconstruction. We use a combined-data approach that includes new information from the fossil record on extinct crown snakes, new data on the anatomy of the stem snakes Najash rionegrina, Dinilysia patagonica , and Coniophis precedens, and a deeper understanding of the distribution of phenotypic apomorphies among the major clades of fossil and Recent snakes.

Comprehensive ancestral state reconstructions reveal that both the ancestor of crown snakes and the ancestor of total-group snakes were nocturnal, widely foraging, non-constricting stealth hunters.

Official Look at the Air Jordan 1 “Satin Snake”: Smooth satin and slithering snakeskin collide on this new Air Jordan 1.

To save this word, you’ll need to log in. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Is ‘Snake Oil’ Really from Snakes? A word history that’s not just bunk Dictionary Entries near snake oil snake muishond snakeneck snake-necked snake oil snake palm snakepiece snake pit.

Accessed 24 Aug. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for snake oil snake oil.

‘It’s Been Life Altering’: Florida’s Female Snake Hunter Stalks Swamps For Invasive Burmese Pythons

In general terms, health insurance provides policyholders with cover for medical expenses incurred as a result of ill health and physical injury, including where an injury may be sustained as a result of an unforeseen incident. To further highlight the fabricated scenario, a cobra snake was intentionally chosen as it is a species of snake not native to Australia. For the second time, the ASB sided with iSelect ruling that the violence depicted is not excessive and is justifiable in the context of promoting health insurance.

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Snake oil definition is – any of various substances or mixtures sold (as by a traveling medicine show) as medicine usually without regard to their.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is offering to pay you hundreds, even thousands of dollars if you are willing to do it. When Sutta met up with Anne Gordon Vega, she was holding onto what looks like a pillow case. She then reached in carefully. Gordon Vega is a semi-retired artist, wife and mother. Gordon Vega is part of a bizarre mix of people spending their days and nights roaming the Everglades searching for invasive pythons.

While most people might imagine only guys are picking up the python hunting craft, Rahill says that notion is easily dispelled. Amy Siewe was living in Indiana when she heard about the opportunity to search for snakes. A self-proclaimed herpetologist she jumped at the opportunity.

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Travellers are quick to recognise the beauty of the Seychelles from the moment they set foot on the Resort grounds. However, few know that a minute flight.

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Oldest snake fossils show they thrived in the age of dinosaurs

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WILDLIFE workers have expressed their shock after an adder was spotted in an unusually early sighting.

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